Another Kimono T-shirt….

  What’s a girl to do when she wants to sew in the New Year but has eaten ALL the mince pies over Christmas? I have to admit I was feeling a bit reluctant about getting back to sewing knowing that my tummy was a little bigger than my usual measurements. Feeling that it is… [Continue Reading]

ingrid p2 - 3

Style Arc Ingrid Coat – Part 2

This photo was taken on Christmas Day when my partner and I were out on a walk. It was beautiful but bitterly cold, perfect for being swathed in a warm wool/cashmere coat. The fabric for the shell was perfect, super soft and the slight nap on this fabric gave it a lux sheen. It also… [Continue Reading]

Don't ask me why this says 'alterated', I've no idea....

It’s all in the plan

I’ve had this post in it’s composite parts for a few weeks now, it just hasn’t happened as yet another busy period comes and goes leaving me a bit too drained to pursue anything creative. My current WIP is the Style Arc Ingrid winter coat that I really want to finish in time for my trip back to… [Continue Reading]


Pictorial Summary: My Epic Week

Wow, I meant to post here over the weekend, however after a really busy week I ended up feeling a little burnt out and didn’t really feel like it. What have I been up to that has kept me so busy? Well the pile of materials above is what I sat down to use for my… [Continue Reading]


BHL Holly Jumpsuit over at Stitch 56

I have another blog post over at Stitch 56 sharing my version of the By Hand London Holly Jumpsuit. I made it out of the Indigo Monsoon fabric from Merchant and Mills and it is so perfect for the hot weather we’ve been experiencing recently in Melbourne. I am so impressed with this pattern I… [Continue Reading]


Finished Object: Another Coco Dress

I meant to have this post out days ago. Last Friday I had cut my fabric for the Coco dress and packed all my sewing notions ready to go to my first social sewing meet up. It was an almighty flop however when I was completely felled by a flu like virus. This dress was instead… [Continue Reading]


Finished Object: Wiksten Corrected

I wanted to call this post Wiksten Perfected, however I definitely haven’t finished playing with the fit on this one. I bought the Wiksten Tank pattern years ago and made about five of them in quick succession due to the ‘instant gratification’ nature of this pattern. I can turn one of these babies out in… [Continue Reading]

Sewing swimwear

Amazing Online Resource!

Hi all! I’m probably really behind the curve on this amazing resource and it’s most likely complete common knowledge to you clever peeps of the internet, but today I discovered the wonder that is the Open Library. Did you know there are hundreds of thousands of ebooks that can be borrowed for free online including… [Continue Reading]