Burda 8

Tessuti Ponti Meets Burdastyle Scuba Dress 9/2012 #121

How quickly should fabric enter your house and exit your stash before it isn’t counted as a stash enhancement anymore? If immediately is the answer than this ponte definitely doesn’t count as stash! I bought it from Tessuti on a complete whim when I was already feeling pretty guilty about how much fabric I own. So… [Continue Reading]

Veronica 6

Veronica at The Hotel Cicero

  One of my all time favourite films is Chicago! That I’m saying ‘film’ rather than ‘show’ probably proves I’m the complete cultural black hole I suspect I am, but I was thoroughly underwhelmed by the show after seeing the film. Oh the film!! The costumes, the dancing, the energy, the actors… and all that jazz. The… [Continue Reading]


Finished Object: BHL Anna Dress

I am so late for getting around to sewing this dress. I bought the pattern for the BHL Anna dress early last year and other stuff just jumped in front of it in the queue. My bestie and I planned to make this dress together as a sew along which added to the delay and we… [Continue Reading]