Finished Object: Self-drafted Culottes

Well it’s months after the fact, but I have finally made another one of the items on my plan that I set a while back! Now while a month of that I was travelling, I really have been super lax on the whole ‘plan’ thing. Including my coat, that is now a grand total of… [Continue Reading]


Finished Object: BHL Anna Dress

I am so late for getting around to sewing this dress. I bought the pattern for the BHL Anna dress early last year and other stuff just jumped in front of it in the queue. My bestie and I planned to make this dress together as a sew along which added to the delay and we… [Continue Reading]


Another Kimono T-shirt….

  What’s a girl to do when she wants to sew in the New Year but has eaten ALL the mince pies over Christmas? I have to admit I was feeling a bit reluctant about getting back to sewing knowing that my tummy was a little bigger than my usual measurements. Feeling that it is… [Continue Reading]

ingrid p2 - 3

Style Arc Ingrid Coat – Part 2

This photo was taken on Christmas Day when my partner and I were out on a walk. It was beautiful but bitterly cold, perfect for being swathed in a warm wool/cashmere coat. The fabric for the shell was perfect, super soft and the slight nap on this fabric gave it a lux sheen. It also… [Continue Reading]

Don't ask me why this says 'alterated', I've no idea....

It’s all in the plan

I’ve had this post in it’s composite parts for a few weeks now, it just hasn’t happened as yet another busy period comes and goes leaving me a bit too drained to pursue anything creative. My current WIP is the Style Arc Ingrid winter coat that I really want to finish in time for my trip back to… [Continue Reading]


Pictorial Summary: My Epic Week

Wow, I meant to post here over the weekend, however after a really busy week I ended up feeling a little burnt out and didn’t really feel like it. What have I been up to that has kept me so busy? Well the pile of materials above is what I sat down to use for my… [Continue Reading]


BHL Holly Jumpsuit over at Stitch 56

I have another blog post over at Stitch 56 sharing my version of the By Hand London Holly Jumpsuit. I made it out of the Indigo Monsoon fabric from Merchant and Mills and it is so perfect for the hot weather we’ve been experiencing recently in Melbourne. I am so impressed with this pattern I… [Continue Reading]