Coming up on New Model Lamé……

skirt draft-along

Coming up on New Model Lamé we are going to be having a skirt draft-along. I’ll detail how to take a straight skirt block or sewing pattern and turn it into a pleated A-line skirt with gore panels.

I also plan to start a series on alterations. I have a pile of clothes that either don’t fit any more (or to be honest never did) that I want to get wearing. There are some easy alterations that can make a big difference to the fit of your clothes.

The other topic I wanted to cover was styling your handmade items. I will take some of my own handmade garments and see how versatile they can be. It’s easy to look at what you have and think “There’s nothing to wear” but with a little thinking creatively you can get more out what you already own.



  1. Bar says

    Nice blog, Jo. You’ve hot me thinking about taking clothes in now after losing weight rather than chucking them out. Thinking anyway, now just need to get going and do something about it! Bar

    • Joanne says

      Thanks Bar, good luck with the taking in! There is so much cool information out there about upcycling as well if you want to refashion what you have into other garments too.

  2. Carrie says

    Can’t wait for the alterations bit, I have lots of clothes that can be used again. There’s a program on channel 4 about that too if you get the chance to see it.

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