Finished Object: Self Drafted Black Pants


Yesterday I heard a song on the radio that really resonated with me. It really just piqued that something inside me that gets passionate about music and because I was driving I was unable to get my phone out to Shazam and find out what it was called. I had heard it before but at that particular moment I really needed to have that song on my playlist. A bit of searching on the web proved fruitless and I put the radio on to see if I might catch it again – I didn’t. I brought it up at my pattern making class the next day and one of my amazing classmates named it after very few clues, it was Stay High (Habits Remix) by Tove Lo.

What a feeling to have named my song! I can rely on my class days to be happy and fulfilling spent with cool people learning amazing skills. Skills like drafting your own jeans pattern. This is the same pattern as my calico jeans that I blogged about a while ago and I finally made them in a fashion fabric. The fabric is a black cotton with a herringbone stripe which provides a little cross-grain give.


The downside to having some give in the fabric is that these trousers (or pants if your of a non-British persuasion) fit very generously, feeling more like a chino than a pair of jeans. Don’t get me wrong they are very comfy but I’m going to need to take in my pattern specifically for fabrics that have a bit of innate stretch to them, which is part of the sample making process I suppose and a useful lesson to boot!

Check out the bagginess around my bum

Check out the bagginess around my bum

I am really happy with the quality of the make however and there are very few imperfections in these trousers apart from fit. I also like that my class has me feeling very comfortable, if not a bit blasé, about sewing a fly front now. I’ve got to the point where I’m just taking it in my stride when I get to sewing them now, cool!


On a little final note, if you are digging the new Grainline Studios Alder shirtdress as I am, head over to Stitch 56 who where we are having a competition. There are two ways to enter and we’re really excited to see the entries coming in. Best of luck if you do submit an entry and don’t forget to check out my blog pal Donna’s post while your there!



  1. Joanne says

    Thanks Sarah! It’s just a lot of practice, i bought about 10 zips for the price of one at m.recht and got going 😉

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